• 41141 Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch)
  • 41141 Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch)
  • 41141 Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch)
  • 41141 Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch)

Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch)

Manufacturer: Prothane
Part Number: 41141


Price: $13.77

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Dodge Magnum Front Sway Bar Bushings 41141 Prothane

Only Fits 30mm Size Bar
FitmentFront Sway Bar Bushing Kit - 30mm (1.18 inch) 41141 fits these vehicles:
  • 2 of 73002 FRONT SwayBar BUSHING 30MM
  • 2 of 191750 Super Grease
  • Suggested part for 41141: DLL130DLL130 Front Sway Bar Lateral Lock - 28-30mm
    DST Silver Color - Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Suggested part for 41141: KLL130KLL130 Sway Bar Lateral Lock - 28-30mm
    Whiteline Gold Color Plated - 3 Year Warranty

  • Suggested part for 41141: 191750191750 Super Grease 3 Pack
    Prothane provides grease to install these parts, but you can never have too much. Grab an extra 3-pack of grease so you can more liberally apply grease when installing.

  • Lifetime Warranty. Prothane guarantees all Prothane Suspension Parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship (not due to abuse, neglect or misapplication) for the total time the vehicle remains with the original purchaser of the product(s). Should the products fail to meet these conditions, Prothane will replace the product, free of charge. This excludes any and all related labor charges. The product must be shipped to Prothane (postage prepaid) along with a copy of the original receipt."

Prothane 4-1140

Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit

The sway bar is a very important aspect of your suspension set up. The sway bar bushings hold your sway bar snug to your frame, so a huge problem arises when your stock rubber bushings being to fail. Once the bushings lose their grip on the sway bar, the sway bar is free to flop around creating a very annoying clunking or rattle. Also, failed sway bar bushings cause uneven tire wear, forcing you to purchase tires a lot faster than you should have too. Prothane has designed sway bar kits will provide you with new polyurethane bushings to address this issue. For this platform of vehicles there are three different size sway bars that were used. Prothane has made all three size bushings to match your specific bar. So before your purchase you will want to measure your sway bar to make sure this part will fit your vehicle. We have a how-to video that shows a couple of simple ways to do that on our Universal Sway Bar Bushings page.

This particular kit, Prothane 4-1141, is designed to fit a 30mm sway bar. Once you measure your sway bar's diameter, if you find you have a different size, check out 4-1140 or 4-1142. These bushings have been designed with a split design for easy installation. Instead of having to remove the sway bar to slide the bushings to their mounting spot, Prothane has incorporated this split in the bushing to wrap over the bar. Using your OE mounts and bolt, mount the bracket to the frame and as you torque the bolts, the gap will disappear. With Prothane's performance polyurethane sway bar bushings installed, you can give your sway bar the performance of a larger sway bar.

Prothane's Front Sway Bar Bushing Kit 4-1141 for Chrysler's LX platform:
  • 2005-2010 Chrysler 300
  • 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger
  • 2007-2010 Dodge Charger
  • 2005-2008 Dodge Magnum