• 8322 Rear Compensator Arms - Billet
  • 8322 Rear Compensator Arms - Billet
  • 8322 Rear Compensator Arms - Billet
  • 8322 Rear Compensator Arms - Billet

Rear Compensator Arms - Billet

Manufacturer: Prothane
Part Number: 8322
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Rear Compensator Arm Bushings - Acura Integra - 8322

FitmentRear Compensator Arms - Billet 8322 fits these vehicles:
  • 2 of Rear Compensator Arm - Billet
  • Lifetime Warranty. Prothane guarantees all Prothane Suspension Parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship (not due to abuse, neglect or misapplication) for the total time the vehicle remains with the original purchaser of the product(s). Should the products fail to meet these conditions, Prothane will replace the product, free of charge. This excludes any and all related labor charges. The product must be shipped to Prothane (postage prepaid) along with a copy of the original receipt."

With Prothane's rear compensator arms, performance meets DIY with the ease of installation.

Prothane 8-322 Honda Compensator Arms

Prothane Rear Billet Honda Compensator Arms 8-322

Tired of buying new tires?

Experience handling problems with your Integra? Tired of the uneven tire wear on your Civic? 8-322 contains two billet aluminum rear compensator arms to eliminate these issues. Stocked and ready to ship from our central Texas warehouse, Prothane's rear compensator arms will help to solidify your vehicle's suspension to better than new.

Prothane 8-322 Honda Compensator Arms

Performance upgrade

The billet Honda compensator arms are made of aluminium and are super lightweight. Don't let the lightness fool you, these arms are very durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. These compensator arms come with Prothane's polyurethane bushings pre-installed. Polyurethane handles much better and last much longer than regular stock rubber bushings. With Prothane's rear compensator control arms installed, you can stop buying new tires and start enjoying the handling performance you desire.

Prothane 8-322 Honda Compensator Arms

Vehicles 8-322 fits

Prothane's 8-322 arms will fit the following vehicles:

  • Acura Integra 1990-2001
  • Honda Civic 1992-1995
  • Honda CR-V 1997-2001
  • Hondal del Sol 1993-1997
  • Honda CRX/Wagon 1988-1991

Prothane 8-322 Honda Compensator Arms

Money saver with easy installation

With Prothane's rear compensator arms, performance meets DIY with the ease of installation. With the polyurethane bushings are already installed, there is no need for a press during installation. Simply take off the weak factory Honda compensator arms, and bolt the 8-322 right on. Pair this kit with Prothane part number 8-321, the rear upper billet control arms. If you have any other question don't hesitate to ask our DST Customer Service Team.

Prothane 8322

Product Reviews for Rear Compensator Arm Bushings 8322

Prothane 8322

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Solid as a rock.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Alec James maurer - . Prothane 8322
Easy installation, these arms added the finishing touch to the rest of my suspension upgrade!!
5 out of 5 - Excellent quality
Christopher Gosney - . Prothane 8322
1easy installation comes with guide\n2-those are the best products in the market\n3-wow the car feels much much better than the old bushings...prothane made a huge difference
5 out of 5 - Iam very happy with what i bought - i should have bought from here only and only here i should buy the products from
Ossama Halabi - . Prothane 8322