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Download a copy of Prothane's Catalog in PDF form. We have edited Prothane's catalog to include links directly to the parts! If you find a part you want to learn more about in the catalog PDF, simply click on it and it should take you to the relevant page on

2018 Prothane Catalog

Newest Prothane Catalog - 2018

April 2018

This Prothane catalog is the most current available at this time. This catalog was published in April 4th of 2018.

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2014 Prothane Catalog

Prothane Catalog #13

May 2014

This catalog was published in May 2014. It has since been replaced with the 2018 catalog.

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Prothane 2012 Catalog

Prothane Catalog #12 - 2012


This is an older Prothane catalog that should now be considered out of date. The part numbers in this Prothane catalog should still be correct, but it will not include the latest products that Prothane engineers have developed. Originally purblished in 2012, there are newer more current catalogs available..

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Prothane 2013 Supplemental Catalog

Prothane 2013 Catalog Suplement


This catalog is a small supplemental catalog that details new part numbers since the 2012 catalog was released.

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