A LIFETIME replacement
Made by American craftsmen.

prothane control arm bushings in front of a vehicle

The Best Warranty Possible

Prothane Suspension Parts incorporate a special urethane formula, precise engineering, and -consequently- a lifetime guarantee that is second to none. You'll find unique design methods such as splined bores in Prothane's Suspension Parts that guarantees years of squeak free operation. Prothane even includes their own "Super Grease" with each of their parts that requires lubrication, so you'll be sure your suspension parts will last for years to come. When you install Prothane Bushings you'll understand why they're the first choice for mechanics both professional and DIY alike.


Exceptionally Reviewed

Dont take our word for it. You can read every real review we have received for Prothane parts both good and bad. Prothane Suspension Parts are proudly manufactured in the USA by real craftsmen that are proud of what they make. With a lifetime warranty to back them up, these suspension bushings and components are designed to last.

Real. Suspension. Experts.


Real Customer Support

Our people are well trained and find solutions for Prothane Suspension Parts on a daily basis.


ASE Certified Mechanic

With an ASE certified mechanic just a phone call away, you can feel confident you're in good hands when contacting us for support.


Real Phone Support

Nothing is worse than calling your dealer for help, only to find that you can't even understand them on the phone. We are real folks in Texas, USA. You'll never receive support that has been outsourced.


Real People

We have enjoyed decade+ long relationships with the manufacturer and their technical gurus. This allows us to get you the best information possible and to make sure you, the customer, are loved and cared for.

Professional Parts

From control arm bushings to coil spring lift spacers, Prothane has got you covered with a quality part that isn't just made to last, it's guaranteed to last.

Total Kits

Prothane's Polyurethane Bushing Total Kits will replace soft or worn rubber suspension bushings with polyurethane, giving your vehicle tighter handling and secure alignment angles.

prothane bushing replacement kit

Control Arm Bushings

Polyurethane Front or Rear Control Arm Bushings from Prothane provide stable wheel alignment and improve handling while turning.

prothane control arm bushings

Leaf Spring Bushings

Prothane's Polyurethane Front and Rear Leaf Spring Bushings keep your leaf spring secure and provide long-lasting axle alignment.

prothane leaf spring bushings

Sway Bar Bushings

These Front and Rear Sway Bar Bushings hold the stabilizer bar in place better than stock rubber, reducing body roll, increasing traction, and improving handling during a turn.

prothane sway bar bushings

Bump Stops

Polyurethane Bump Stops from Prothane soften the component-to-frame impact caused by pot holes, drop offs, or sudden speed bumps.

prothane bump stops

Body Mounts

Prothane Body Mounts provide a more stable body-to-frame connection than rubber, maintaining alignment for life.

prothane body mounts

Motor Mounts

Prothane Motor Mounts replace the stock rubber mounts with polyurethane, providing a firmer engine to frame connection that will increase accelerator response and last much longer.

prothane motor mounts

Motor Mount Inserts

If you want to reinforce your stock motor mounts Prothane's Motor Mount Inserts are a good compromise on price, installation, and harshness that will also improve motor stability.

prothane motor mount inserts

Dust Boots

Prothane's manufactures Polyurethane Ball Joint Boots and Tie Rod End Boots that will keep dirt, moisture, and debris out and grease in.

prothane polyurethane dust boots

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