• 1204 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 1204 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 1204 Front Control Arm Bushings

Front Control Arm Bushings

Manufacturer: Prothane
Part Number: 1204


Price: $80.37

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Jeep Wrangler TJ Front Control Arm Bushings Kit

  • One Set Will Cover the Left and Right Side
FitmentFront Control Arm Bushings 1204 fits these vehicles:
  • 4 of Lower C-Arm Bushings - 64127
  • 4 of Upper C-Arm Bushings - 64128
  • 4 of Thrust Washers - 64014
  • 4 of Thrust Washers - 64130
  • 1 of Thrust Washers - 64131
  • 1 of Thrust Washers - 64132
  • 4 of Metal Sleeves - 60698 (7/8 X .685 X 2.6 inches)
  • 4 of Metal Sleeves - 60713 (3/4 X .406 X 2.0 inches)
  • 2 of Super Grease - 19-1750-001
  • Lifetime Warranty. Prothane guarantees all Prothane Suspension Parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship (not due to abuse, neglect or misapplication) for the total time the vehicle remains with the original purchaser of the product(s). Should the products fail to meet these conditions, Prothane will replace the product, free of charge. This excludes any and all related labor charges. The product must be shipped to Prothane (postage prepaid) along with a copy of the original receipt."
  • Cross Reference from 1204 to 2.3106Energy Suspension 2.3106
    Price: $84.18
    Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

  • Cross Reference from 1204 to 2.3107Energy Suspension 2.3107
    Price: $84.18
    Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Front Control Arm Bushings 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

This Front Control Arm Bushing Kit from Prothane will replace the soft or worn original rubber bushings on your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ. These polyurethane front control arm bushings can correct sloppy steering, hold wheel alignment longer, and reduce uneven tire wear caused by worn control arm bushings on your Wrangler TJ.

97-06 wrangler tj front control arm bushings

deformed rubber control arm bushing

Bushings and Wheel Alignment

Whether you're taking your Jeep to work or the trails, steering is important. The alignment of your front wheels is a big factor for this and the control arms are responsible for maintaining that alignment. The front control arms on your Jeep Wrangler are pretty sturdy but the original bushings that hold the arm to the frame are made of rubber which doesn't age well and has a lot of give. When these bushings go the alignment of your Jeep's front wheels isn't far behind.

polyurethane front control arm bushings for jeep tj

A Firmer Connection

Your Jeep is already going to be rougher on your suspension if you do any off-roading at all so why would you use the same bushing material as a minivan? If you're looking for something as tough as your Jeep to hold that front wheel alignment check out Prothane's Front Control Arm Bushings for the Jeep Wrangler TJ.

These bushings are made of polyurethane and provide a much firmer connection between the control arm and the frame than rubber. Besides holding the front control arms in alignment these polyurethane bushings will outlast rubber bushings every time. Heat, road salts, and oils can cause rubber to degrade faster but those elements have no effect on polyurethane.

1997-2006 wrangler tj complete bushing replacement kit

The Total Package

If you're also looking for polyurethane front sway bar bushings or the rear control arm bushings for you Jeep then you might consider replacing all of those old rubber bushings at once. The Complete Suspension Bushing Replacement Kit from Prothane will exchange all of the vunerable rubber bushings in the 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ's suspension with polyurethane bushings. If you don't want to spend time hunting for the individual parts that fit your specific Jeep then Prothane's Total Kit is the way to go. These bushings will tighten up your wheel alignment, provide better traction in a turn, and last the life of your Jeep. Backed by Prothane's lifetime warranty.

Customer Questions and Answers

Will part 1204 fit a left kit on a Jeep TJ 2003 with aftermarket control arms?
no this kit only fits stock parts will not work on a lift nor aftermarket arms.