4214 | Dodge Neon Front Control Arm Bushings | Prothane 4-214

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  • 4214 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 4214 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 4214 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 4214 Front Control Arm Bushings
  • 4214 Front Control Arm Bushings
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Front Control Arm Bushings

Manufacturer: Prothane
Part Number: 4214

Color: (?)
Price: $33.97

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  • 2 of 64267 - Vertical Bushing, Bottom
  • 2 of 64266 - Vertical Bushing, Top
  • 4 of 64265 - Horizontal Bushings
  • 2 of 75001 - Thrust Washer
  • 2 of SLV-60609 - .750" X .564" X 2.720", Metal Sleeve
  • 4 of Super Grease
  • Lifetime Warranty. Prothane guarantees all Prothane Suspension Parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship (not due to abuse, neglect or misapplication) for the total time the vehicle remains with the original purchaser of the product(s). Should the products fail to meet these conditions, Prothane will replace the product, free of charge. This excludes any and all related labor charges. The product must be shipped to Prothane (postage prepaid) along with a copy of the original receipt."
Cross Reference from 4214 to 5.3129
Energy Suspension 5.3129
Price: $53.26
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

FitmentFront Control Arm Bushings 4214 fits these vehicles:

4214 | Dodge Neon Front Control Arm Bushings | Prothane 4-214

One Kit Covers Left and Right Side
  • One Set Will Cover the Left and Right Side

Prothane Control Arm Bushings

A control arm bushing plays a vital role in a suspension. Replace those faulty O.E. rubber bushings with Prothane's polyurethane control arm bushings. These polyurethane bushings provide the longevity and performance needed to maximize a suspension's efficiency.

Prothane's polyurethane is a firmer bushing than the O.E. Not only does this increase the longevity of the bushing but gives the suspension a boost in handling performance. With a firmer bushing, there will be a slight increase in NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), but most drivers prefer the boost in performance in spite of that.

Prothane Control Arm Bushings Box
Worn Rubber Bushing

The Faulty O.E.

As your suspension travels, a rubber control arm bushing is repeatedly stretching and flexing. After a while, the center sleeve begins to sag and your suspension alignment is throw out of whack. The sagging will go on until the rubber fails completely.

Use Prothane's Super Grease

Control arm bushings are a high stress part, so be sure to use the supplied Prothane's Super Grease to lubricate the bushings during installation. Its super important that you lubricate each bushing well to prevent any squeaking. If you'd like some extra grease just in case, pick up an extra 3 pack.

Prothane Control Arm Grease
Prothane 4214

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Prothane 4214

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starstarstarstarstar" The red bushing matched the color of the car. Really like the option in color that I could purchase the bushings that had a similar color as the car. "

The bushings fitted firmly into my control arms and corrected the wandering motion from left to right in my car. I am very pleased with this product and have ordered all remaining Prothane bushing to replace the factory ones in my car.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Prothane 4214 - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Review 1 Year Later "

Hello their no sorry to say I am not happy I still have the kit under my seat when I ordered I asked if they would fit I am in new Zealand and my pt cruiser Is Japanese import chap said would be ok it was not i did send email and recived answer buyer beware and that was that but i am sure you treat your us customers a lot better Regards Trevor White

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Prothane 4214 - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Awesome "

The rear end on my SRT4 would sway when going over bumps and potholes. These bushings fixed that issue right away. I would recommend installing these as well as prothane trailing arm bushings.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Prothane 4214 - 5 out of 5

starstarstarstarstar" Quality parts, difficult installation "

When it came time to replace the lower control arm vertical bushings - again - on my 05 PT Cruiser GT I elected to try poly. Good decision. I bought Energy Suspensions 3-piece bushings and Prothane's 2-piece set but I installed the Prothane set. Prothane's 2-piece bushings feel more substantial and are definitely the easier installation. (Tip: don't follow the instructions by pressing out the vertical bushing. Leave the shell in place, just drill out the rubber and clean it up with knives, razor blades, sand paper, etc. It's not that big a job.) Getting the rear bushing into place and the bolt through it as you install the control arm on a Cruiser is not a pleasant experience but it can be done. A strut compressor might ease installation. The problem is that the arm goes back in at an angle but the bolt won't line-up through the rear bushing with the arm at an angle: the poly bushings don't have the give in them the rubber bushings do. The people who say these bushings don't alter the way your car rides don't know what they are talking about. The first time you drive your car you will notice that the steering is precise, and I mean PRECISE - the car will go EXACTLY the direction you point the front wheels, assuming you don't have any other worn-out parts in the front end. No more monkey motion. Point the front wheels "that way" and the car goes "that way" not "that general direction." The ride is like listening to your favorite music on a better system, its the same music but you hear more of the subtleties and nuances. The car will ride mostly the same but feel more solid, more in control, less vague. You feel more of the roads texture. Tip: the installation will be much easier if you remove the brake rotors - less chance you'll cut the ball joint boots. PT Cruiser owners: take this opportunity to replace the ball joint boots. $8 each and they just pry off and press on.

verified_user Verified Buyer - - . Prothane 4214 - 5 out of 5

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